How to Draw Amy

how to draw amy rose iconWelcome to the newly revamped website to learn how to draw Sonic characters. In this lesson, we will be learning how to draw Amy Rose from Sonic the Hedgehog. A very simple drawing tutorial to teach, but as for beginners, not so much. Amy could be hard to draw when it comes to drawing her spikes. She is a hedgehog like Sonic, but her spikes are a bit different. The design of her hair give her the look of a female, as instead of spiky dude styled hair, it’s spiky sagging feminine hair. Not only there is saggy styled hair, but there is also a hair band waring in her hair. More features give her the female look like the skirt, eyeliner, color, pose… everything that you see on her basically gives her the look of a female, which she is anyway. So why bother telling you this? Well for one thing it helps you observe and learn how to create your own characters in the future. Be sure the designs are logical and don’t forget it. Each part has to represent something for the view to understand. The design and style needs to help the person understand what your drawing is.

Now that I gave you some handy dandy tips, it’s time to share the real stuff. I have two things to share in fact. I want to share a drawing video and a drawing tutorial. I would also like a comment as well to hear your thoughts on the site and posts. Other than that, enjoy the tutorials.

Video wasn’t enough? Well have some of this!

How to Draw Amy Rose

How to Draw Tails

Let’s learn how to draw tails step by step, you know, Sonic’s sidekick. Tails is the best and awesome character in the Sonic series. He’s even more awesome than Sonic himself. Well, kind of. So, let’s get started with learning how to draw the actual characters. Drawing Tails is like drawing a fox with four tails, just exactly what Tails is too, a four tailed fox that is yellow, not red or orange. So think of a four tailed cartoon fox. If you can’t imagine, use the thumbnail as a reference or you can just watch the video that is show below this article.

How to Draw Sonic

SonicWelcome to the website everyone! Here is my first drawing tutorial ever uploaded on this website. I really can’t wait to increase the popularity here and I’m look forward for comments and people sharing my website. When the site get’s a little popular, I’m going to add so many activities that your head will explode. I’m planning on uploading some fun Sonic games, Sonic wallpaper for your computer desktop, Sonic ROMs, and so much more activities. I hope enjoy this website and for a start, let’s learn how to draw Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic the Hedgehog was really hard for me to draw. The part I mess up on is the muzzle. I could only draw him on side view for some reason and it was the pose of Sonic the Hedgehog first game cover. The game for the Sega Genesis. Oh well, now I can draw him in any pose and to help you out a bit, think of a hotdog when your drawing the muzzle. Look at the shape of his muzzle. I figured that out when I was young. The tricky part is when drawing Sonic, in a different pose, the muzzle changes. It’s weird so you got to examine the muzzle well. It’s the hardest part on Sonic’s body. Other than that, I think your all golden for tips. I found this AMAZING drawing tutorial that teaches you how to draw Sonic on YouTube and thought I would share it. I also found a Dragoart drawing tutorial that teaches you how to draw him as well. I think you’ll enjoy them both. To speed time up, enjoy the lessons :)