How to Draw Sonic

SonicWelcome to the website everyone! Here is my first drawing tutorial ever uploaded on this website. I really can’t wait to increase the popularity here and I’m look forward for comments and people sharing my website. When the site get’s a little popular, I’m going to add so many activities that your head will explode. I’m planning on uploading some fun Sonic games, Sonic wallpaper for your computer desktop, Sonic ROMs, and so much more activities. I hope enjoy this website and for a start, let’s learn how to draw Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic the Hedgehog was really hard for me to draw. The part I mess up on is the muzzle. I could only draw him on side view for some reason and it was the pose of Sonic the Hedgehog first game cover. The game for the Sega Genesis. Oh well, now I can draw him in any pose and to help you out a bit, think of a hotdog when your drawing the muzzle. Look at the shape of his muzzle. I figured that out when I was young. The tricky part is when drawing Sonic, in a different pose, the muzzle changes. It’s weird so you got to examine the muzzle well. It’s the hardest part on Sonic’s body. Other than that, I think your all golden for tips. I found this AMAZING drawing tutorial that teaches you how to draw Sonic on YouTube and thought I would share it. I also found a Dragoart drawing tutorial that teaches you how to draw him as well. I think you’ll enjoy them both. To speed time up, enjoy the lessons :)

3 thoughts on “How to Draw Sonic

    1. admin Post author

      Never knew that Amy was attracted. I thought Sonic was. Thanks for the info. I’m going to edit this drawing tutorial — all of them actually.

  1. violet the hedgehog

    i’m one of the bigest fans yet and i’m even making my own little fanfic.
    i have two questions. one, in fanfics can you have a caracter like the caracter that you made if you don’t know wether he/she likes anyone in episodes like, say, sonic x? two, do you have one of these video things for shadow to?
    >_< :P :)


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